Lagan's Foundation

Chute for the Sky

Our annual skydive, running since 2021, is an amazing way to raise much-needed funds while conquering your fears!

Join our group of adrenaline seekers at Black Knights Parachute Centre for our 11,000ft annual charity skydive and tick this amazing experience off your bucket list.

All spaces on Sunday 19th June 2022 (8am start) are FULLY BOOKED.

But don’t worry… you could join us in June 2023 and start planning in advance!

Registration is £80 with a minimum sponsorship target of £300.

There are certain restrictions for divers: you need to be able to hold your legs up in landing position for up to 10 seconds, and there is a weight restriction of 15 stone for ladies, and up to 17 stone for men with a risk assessment over 15 stone.

Online and paper sponsorship aids can be provided as well as social media content and support along the way

Get in touch today to reserve your place and join our amazing team of supporters.

Thank you!