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Lagan’s Foundation supply home support carers to families homes to help support a child under 5 with a heart defect or feeding issue.

Our home support workers can offer the child supervised play sessions, assisted feeds, nappy changes, baths, friendship and signposting to extra avenues of support.

Parents gain an extra set of eyes ears and hands to support where they currently have none or very little extra support with the child.

Our home support workers also support siblings.

This service is currently funded by donations and grants and any profits from Lagan’s Care

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Frequently Asked Questions about Lagan’s Donated Home Support Service

All of our home support workers are

  • Criminal Record Checked
  • Level 2 Child Protection
  • Team of specialists train the carers to understand basics in life support, cardiac care, gastrosomy care, SaLT, nutrition, moving and handing and infection control and play
  • External medication training is offered where appropriate
  • Competency based pump feed training offered where appropriate
  • Other child based training is given where appropriate for delegated tasks.

  • Baby or a child aged 5 or under with a heart defect or feeding difficulty
  • Antenatal & post-natal
  • In hospital or at home
  • Not Eligible for a care package via Health or Social Care Commissioning

  • Family member
  • Health Visitor
  • Specialist Nurse
  • Consultant
  • Doctor
  • Social Worker

Yes, our support service is regulated by  the  Care Quality Commission  allowing home support workers to carry out personal care and delegated* tasks (*subject to specific training)

Parents or carers with parental responsibility of the child MUST NOT leave the home premises unless via specific arrangement when using the donated home support service

We do not offer hospice at home care.

Donated service – We offer a 2 hours help a week from an assigned home support worker for a period of 6 months. This maybe extended subject to a needs assessment.