Jess Story | Parents' number one need is rest

Jess started with Lagan’s Foundation as Business Development Manager in January 2022. She moved back home to Bolton and wanted to help Lagan’s families receive practical care she has seen can be much lacking.

Jess said, “I have a background as a Genetic Counsellor at Great Ormond Street Hospital working with children and adults with diagnosed or suspected genetic conditions. Throughout my time in this sector, I felt there was a huge gap for families with a child with complex needs. We were giving them information on managing their condition, but where did they go for the support once they were home? 

As part of my research in this role, I interviewed fathers of children with complex needs, all requiring 24-hour care. The largest finding of this study was that these dads just needed a rest.

Lagan’s is the only UK charity providing respite care to families such as these, helping the transition from hospital to home. I feel proud to work for such a vital charity and I am looking forward to seeing the charity continue to grow.”