Upcoming Events

Virtual Elf Dash - December 2021

Our Virtual Elf Dash is during the whole of December, each person or company are asked to complete 5k in any way you like in your area. It can be walking, running, swimming, cycling or anything else you can think of. Tickets for our event are on Eventbrite and are £12 each, it is then up to you if you would like to fundraise separately for Lagan’s. Each person who enters and buys a ticket will be sent an elf hat to wear whilst you are completing your 5K and once you have completed the challenge and sent a picture for proof, we will send you a certificate and a thank you for participating.

300 in 8 Challenge - January 2022

2 static bikes, 36 riders, riding 300 miles in 8 hours. Think you could take part and rise to the challenge? You can enter on your own or as part of a team. Each rider pays £5 each and cycles for 30 minutes to complete as much distance as you can and at the end of the 8 hours, we calculate the total distances and see if we have reached the 300 miles. As riders we encourage you to raise small amounts of sponsorship for your 30 minutes. Every participant will receive a certificate and a big thank you from the foundation. We will also post pictures and content on social media during the event.

Heart Month - February 2022

Throughout February we raise awareness of CHD within children, and the issues each child faces due to the condition. We sell Lagan’s Foundation hearts at £10 at, these hearts will be personalised with the name of the person purchasing it and we are also able to write a message on the back. Each heart will posted on social media along with a certificate and a big thankyou from Lagan’s. At the end of the month a post will be added to our website thanking each person for their generosity contributing and helping raise awareness.

LF Cycle Challenge - Sunday 24th April 2022

Our annual cycle challenge brings cyclists from across the country to take part. We have three different routes that you can ride, meaning there is a route for anyone. This year each rider will be issued with a chip timer to track the exact finish time. Tickets for this event can be bought on Eventbrite and range in price from £25-£35 each, depending on the route chosen. Whether you’re a cycling novice or a cycling champion this challenge is for you.

Skydive – Sunday 19th June 2022

After the success of last year’s event, we have booked another skydive for 2022 at Black Knights Parachute Centre. If you are a thrill seeker and want to take part in this incredible challenge, then get in touch with a member of our team via our website or call us on 01204800300. Each participant is asked to pay an £80 registration fee and to raise a minimum of £300 sponsorship before the day of the event. Once you have taken part you will receive a certificate of completion along with a post on social media to say thank you from everyone at Lagan’s.