Help us raise much-needed funds

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There are plenty of ways to support us and fundraise! Here are a few ideas:

Lagan’s Foundation is a charity, we receive no government funding to enable us to deliver our support and respite service to families of children who have complex health needs.

We raise money through a variety of methods, none of which we would be able to do without the support and generosity of our supporters, patrons and the community around us. 

There are so many ways that you can help and support us so we can continue to help and support our families.

Below are some examples but rest assured, whatever it is you do and no matter what the amount of fundraising it is will make a huge difference to our charity.

Get in touch for help, assistance or more information on fundraising.

Community Fundraising

This can be anything at all you would like to nominate us for. Such as collections with your local religious group, bake sales at scouts, football tournaments, quiz nights… can be as big or as small, as traditional or wacky as you like. We can help you with your ideas.

Corporate Fundraising

Does your place of work choose a charity of the year every year, can we be that charity? Do they have a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Policy where they are committed to giving back to charity, we can help you reach these aims?


Please click the link below if you’d like to help us and donate to Lagans Foundation. You will be taken to our partner page and you can enter all your details.

Thank you in advance for your support.

Patrons & Sponsors

Our Patrons and Sponsors are a big part of our Lagan’s Family and we welcome you to join us. You can become a Patron or Sponsor as an individual or company, there is a package suitable for all budgets. These amazing groups of people make a monthly or yearly commitment to support local charities such as ours.


We have a selection of fundraising events throughout the year, all are geared to making sure you have a great time, whether they be in person or virtual. Come along and take part in one of our events or hear about events that our supporters are organising for us.

Download our Fundraising Pack here

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