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Providing Unique Home Health Care and Respite in the North West for Families & Children Living with Complex Needs.

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Lagan's provide respite care for families

Respite care provides families with the opportunity to take a much needed break from caring for a loved one. Caring for a child with complex care needs is challenging – we believe that families often need time away to rest and recharge.

We have specific needs training and can support families with medication, trips out and overnight stays.

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Defibrillators For Families Project

There are many families across the UK with children that rely on having a permanent, life saving defibrillator at home to ensure that they are safe from the risk of sudden cardiac arrest.

The Defibrillators for Families Project run by Lagan’s is a crucial scheme for families in need of this equipment, allowing them to loan the defibrillator whilst they raise the funds needed over a 6 month period.

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One of best things that has happened for me and Callum ,having a Lagan's volunteer gives me a few hours to myself and Callum adores our volunteer, Nicki. He can not wait to see her and she is so attentive to him and fun.
Hi all I am Luke's mum. Luke has complex TOF and with lagans help and my fab volunteer Vicky we are making sure that Luke enjoys what ever time we have left! Vicky comes once a week for a couple of hours to play or sit with Luke which enables me to get on with chores or sleep. I couldn't be without team Lagan. THANKS for all your support TEAM LAGAN xxx
It's only the first day and my wife already feels so much better just from an initial visit, so thank you so much. Your story is inspiring and I can assure you that every minute of assistance you provide for Leo and my wife will be invaluable. I look forward to meeting up with you soon. Thanks again.
Invaluable service and charity. They were there for us during one of the hardest times of our lives. They made the anxiety, stress and worry almost tolerable, we didn't feel that we were alone. We can't say THANK YOU enough.
April, my daughter, was born with pulmonary atresia and small right ventricle along with other health problems. I have struggled at home by myself for a year and was finding it hard to keep on top of simple housekeeping. Lagans foundation have gave my a lovely volunteer who keeps April entertained while I get on with jobs around the house. This has saved my sanity.
Lagan's came into our lives in 2013 and continue to help me with managing feeding and care as well as giving me precious time for other things. Not to mention reducing my sense of isolation by giving me something/someone to look forward to every week. Thank you Lagan's X
I had home support this morning. Ruth is so good with Olivia she defo likes her snuggles and it was great to have someone to talk to and get all the housework done I feel loads better :) Thank you xxxx