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Diamond Solutions – Proud Patron and Uniform Sponsor

Networking is vital to all businesses

Why Tony chose to support Lagan's Foundation

Tony Hayes, founder of Diamond Solutions, tell us about his company and why he chose to support Lagan’s Foundation

Tony has known Lagan’s Foundation Founder and CEO Carren Bell for many years. In 2018 Tony very kindly became one of our care uniform sponsors for our new polo shirts, he has also joined our Patron Family.

Tony says “I met Carren through our networking group, Business for Breakfast some years ago. Every group I run has a charity partner and I was delighted when Lagan’s Foundation became the charity partner for the Bolton Group. The idea is that all the businesses in the group work to support the charity.

Networking is vital to all businesses. The BforB groups provide a great opportunity to get to know other organisations in your area, pass on good referrals and leads, but also to help and support each other.

I’m proud for DSUK to be supporting Lagan’s as Patron and Sponsor, and I look forward to a long and fruitful relationship between us.”

About business Tony explains, “Businesses today need to be able to communicate quickly and effectively. Customers and consumers expect to get information immediately. To meet that demand, organisations need to make use of the latest technology.

We work with a huge range of organisations, both business, public sector and charities, all of who need communication solutions. Whether it’s broadband and business mobile services or next generation conferencing platforms, VoIP, etc. We work with them to make sure they get exactly what they need, and nothing more! Personal service is very important, in our industry, as far too often, telecoms companies are impossible to get hold of and talk to when you need them. Our goal is to make sure our customers have a great service, a helping hand, when it comes to making a choice, and the best quality solutions at great value.”

Lagan’s Foundation are delighted to have Tony and the Diamond Solutions Team on board and cannot thank him enough for sponsoring our brand new Polo Shirts.

If you would like to join Diamond Solutions and become a Patron or Sponsor of our amazing charity please get in touch today, we would love to chat to you.